TousEnsemble Publishing

TousEnsemble is a Belgian publishing company which represents composers and authors. Founded by Regi Penxten, CNR Records and Cloud 9 Music Publishing, TEP works together with Cloud 9 in the Netherlands and a big number of sub-publishers abroad. This collaboration increases the international opportunities.



Regi Penxten, TV celebrity, musician, producer and co-founder of the publishing company, is being represented worldwide by TEP. Next to Regi, other artists & producers, authors & composers like Felix De Laet (Lost Frequencies), Sam Bombeeck (Double Pleasure), Pommelien Thijs, Yves Gaillard, Geert Vanloffelt (De Geest), Lester Senior, Gio Kemper, Jens De Wit, Emma Lauwers (Lea Rue), Ian Thomas, Franky De Smet-Van Damme and many more are represented by TEP.


Having close contacts with communication- and marketing agencies, we intend to pitch our catalogue in TV / Radio commercials, online commercials and games.


Matenstraat 214
2845 Niel

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