CAMILLE is the most popular artist of the moment. The young pop star has made several hits including ‘Vuurwerk’, ‘Diamant’, ‘Geen Tranen Meer Over’, ‘In De Regen’ and ‘Rihanna’. Both her debut album ‘Vuurwerk’ and her second album ‘SOS’ immediately reached No. 1 on the Album Ultratop Charts after just one week. ‘SOS’, now good for double platinum, has been in the highest regions of the Ultratop and even spent 13 weeks at number 1.

In the meantime, CAMILLE has also released her third album in three years, ‘Magie’. The album immediately hit No. 1 in the Ultratop Albums Top 200 after its release and has been in the top 10 for several weeks. The album also features the single ‘Magie’, with which she is unbeatable on the charts.

CAMILLE has also been on the television screen recently. She won the immensely popular Flemish television show ‘The Masked Singer’ and she was one of the strong voices in the Flemish television program ‘Liefde Voor Muziek’. Currently the superstar has her hands full with the recordings of her telenovela ‘Milo,’ which will be on screen in the spring of 2024.

In 2022, CAMILLE, as the youngest solo artist ever, filled no less than five sold-out Lotto Arena. 125,000 tickets were sold for her SOS tour at the Lotto Arena and theaters in Flanders. In 2024, CAMILLE will be the world’s youngest solo artist ever to perform in the Sportpaleis with no less than four shows. With this impressive performance, the barely 22-year-old pop star once again confirms her unique position in today’s music industry.

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