Geert Vanloffelt

There are few artists in Flanders with whom lyricist Geert Vanloffelt has not yet collaborated. Whether young artists like Metejoor, Camille or Aaron Blommaert, or established names like Willy Sommers, Hugo Sigal or Dana Winner. All of them could already count on lyrics from this Limburger. Geert’s words also often resound in TV programs such as ‘Liefde voor Muziek’ or ‘James De Musical’.

His adaptations are no less well-known, often because the artist in question scored a direct hit with them. Who does not know ‘Verover Mij’ (in collaboration with Niels Destadsbader), ‘Señorita’ (Cleymans & Van Geel) or ‘Schaduw’ (translation of Shallow for Metejoor)? Yes, these lyrics are also mostly by Geert Vanloffelt, and they are always shouted along live.

He is also a much-loved guest at writing camps and this regularly leads to fine results. The collaboratively written ‘Noordpool’ ended up on Metejoor’s debut album. Recently, Geert wrote songs for Hugo Sigal together with Stijn Tondeleir and Arne Vanhaecke. No less than 5 songs from these writing sessions got a spot on Hugo’s album.

Geert Vanloffelt’s writing style cannot be summed up in two words. “My idea of a good text is constantly evolving,” he tells himself. ‘Witty’ and ‘contemporary’ may come closest. Listen, for example, to ‘Mijn Hart’, the song he wrote for his own band De Geest (now Geert&DeGeest). Or any of the many songs for other artists.

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