Pommelien Thijs

Pommelien Thijs (22) is a Flemish singer, musician, designer and actress. With her singles “Ongewoon,” “Erop Or Eronder” (winner of the Summer Hit Trophy), “Wat Een Idee!?”, “Meisjes Van Honing” and “Zilver,” Thijs ranked high on the charts. In 2023, she was nominated for 5 MIA Awards in January and has won 3 (Solo Woman, Hit Of The Year with ‘Ongewoon’ and Doorbraak). This made her the artist with the most awards, along with Stromae. After a long wait, her debut album ‘Per Ongeluk’ was finally released into the world, to much cheering and anticipation from her fans.

In May 2023, the fiction series Knokke Off was launched, starring Pommelien. This series can be seen on VRT MAX and on Netflix. Thijs made her breakthrough to the general public with her participation in the TV series #LikeMe. In 2020, she scored a No. 1 hit in Belgium and the Netherlands with “Nu wij niet meer praten,” a duet with the Dutch artist Jaap Reesema.

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