Regi Penxten has an impressive track record and in recent years has made his mark on the music industry. The producer and DJ is known for his solo career and his involvement in the highly successful projects Milk Inc. and Sylver. Time after time he fascinates audiences around the world with his energetic performances and innovative productions.

The Limburger now has quite a few MIAs behind his name and after a two-time gain of Zomerhit, Regi had another nomination this summer with “Horen, Zien En Zwijgen’. In addition to a string of radio hits, Regi also scores with his own
radio show “Radio Regi” and there was also the successful television show “Regi Academy.

At the end of October, Regi set the Sportpaleis on fire for two nights with his show ‘Regi, The Return’. Regi created the moment of the year by bringing Linda Mertens onto the stage. Together with Linda and numerous other guest artists like CAMILLE, Jaap Reesema, Pauline, MAXINE, … he gave more than 40,000 concertgoers a memorable evening. In 2024, Regi and Linda will once again be in the Sportpaleis for the smashing show “Regi vs Milk Inc. Meanwhile, no less than six concerts have been
announced in the country’s largest concert hall.

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